The best table game odds with UK’s online casino!

If you’re keen on deriving winnings on table games, it’s worth checking out the highest-paying ones out there. Check out our guide below before playing with one of the casinos on UK’s online casino’s list.

Which table games have the lowest house-edge?

Unlike slots, most table games involve strategy, and when it comes to your chances of winning, we talk of odds rather than RTP. The better your game strategy is, the more you improve the odds of winning.

However, some table games involve a bigger chance of winning than others. When you compare the house edge of different table games, you shall find that the below three games offer the smallest house edge:

Blackjack – This card game is considered as the casino game with the best odds of winning – assuming you know the strategy. It’s worth keeping in mind that the odds will vary according to the variant of Blackjack being played though.

Baccarat – Another potentially rewarding game, it’s useful to know that in Baccarat, the odds when betting on the bank are far better than if you bet on the player.  

Craps – If you bet on the ‘don’t pass’ line in Craps, it’s one way of securing better odds, since this has a 1.36% house edge. In this game, you can also add another bet to the original pass or don’t pass, known as an odds bet. Making odds bets results in a lesser house edge on the total amount of the bet.

By playing these games online, there is a higher probability of winning larger amounts than with land-based casinos. Since casino operators can offer such a variety of games and are not bound by certain local restrictions, they can offer higher payouts!

Learn how to play table games for free!

Of course, the best way to familiarise yourself with all the games and their strategies is by playing. Online casinos, unlike land-based ones, offer the opportunity to play for free until you feel confident enough to start betting real money. Play securely with one of the operators recommended by UK’s online casino and enjoy table games from the comfort of your home!